• How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites In Couch

    Dust mites

    Dust mites can be a really pesky problem, especially if you have dust mite allergy. As some of you might not know, dust mites and their excreta are one of the main reasons that trigger asthma and year-round allergies. That is something really gross and unhygienic. So now you have another important reason to clean the environment you are living in, i.e., your home. The common places the dust mites are found in our couches and beddings apart from carpets and rugs. Of them, couches should be given the most importance in cleaning as beddings are cleaned, not on a daily basis but at least weekly or once in two weeks. But couches are usually never cleaned or are done rarely.

    Some Things to Know

    A dust mite may look like an insect (white bug), but actually, it is an arthropod, as it has eight legs, just like a spider’s. But, as you might be knowing, they are not visible to the naked eye, as they measure approximately one-third of a millimeter. So, they are seen using a microscope. They live in temperature ranging from 20° to 25° Celsius. The humidity levels they thrive in are 70% to 80%.

    Ways to Reduce Dust Mites from Home

    There are numerous ways in which we can get rid of these pesky beings from our homes. It depends completely on you, how you want clean them out of your couches especially.

    The first one is the most obvious method, clean your house. This is something you have to do anyway, so do it for dust mite’s sake. Most of the dead skin cells accumulate where you sleep which is your bed and also couch as sometimes people do sleep on the couch. The dead skin cells attract the dust mites leading to accumulation of allergens. So, it is advised to change your sheets, pillowcase, and blankets regularly and wash the old ones with hot water. They cannot survive in high temperatures so it kills them. It is recommended to wash the curtains too.

    But this is about the beddings, what about the couches as they are the most important. Couches can be cleaned by vacuuming them which removes the dust particles, however, is not enough to remove dust mites as they are tiny enough to pass through the vacuum cleaner bag. For this, you have to use a double-layered microfilter bag. A better option would be the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. With this, dust is not recirculated in the air. Find more here for details about vacuums with HEPA filters.

    Next up is steam cleaning. This should be done regularly as steam dissolves the dirt, dust, and grime, and helps in removing germs from the surface of the couches and carpets, killing in the process.

    Dusting is recommended, but dry cloth or dusters should be avoided as they stir up the dirt particles and mainly the allergens in the air. Damp cloth, electrostatic cloth or oiled cloth would work as they keep the dust along with dust mites down.

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